The best web design software and Coding Tool

Software is one of the most important working tools for a web designer. All professionals need them to be efficient, fast and to let their imagination express itself. To do so, you have the choice between a countless number of software available for free download or for a fee. To go fast, discover our selection of the best web design software.

Adobe Photoshop 

Adobe Photoshop is the most used software to date by web design professionals. Some, need the Adobe pack to master this integrated software, but others prefer to learn while working. It is according to them much more exciting, because there are subtleties and specifications that we discover progressively according to the projects, the desires of the customer and the personal contribution of the designer. Photoshop allows you to design your templates for the web, retouch your photographs, edit images, create your illustrations, montages, etc. It also allows you to integrate in html the graphic elements that you have specially created.

Sublime Text, Coda, Firebug 

Sublime Text, Coda and Firebug are code editing software. The first one is the right software for beginners who have not yet fully mastered the language of code and for those who do not often work with it. Sublime Text is very easy to install and use, but if you often use html, you can opt for Aptana. If on the other hand you work on a Mac, use Coda which is just as easy to learn and offers an alternative for text editors on Windows. There is also Firebug which allows you to modify your code directly. 


Kuler is a software that allows designers to choose their color palettes. You can go there to take unique colors or very original color combinations to compose your palettes. It is a free software from the Adobe line, easy to use and offering the possibility to choose according to your taste.


Like Kuler, both of these programs allow you to choose your color palettes. The advantage with Paletton is that you use it more to create homogeneous palettes. It also allows you to get all the other possibilities of shades available.

Mockingbird and

This is the perfect software you need to create your interface prototypes. Mockingbrid is fast, efficient and you don’t necessarily need to download it. All you have to do is drag and drop to do your work online. 

However, you can also use in the same category the a little more specialized in the mobile interface. There are many mobile formats integrated into it and an application to give you live demonstrations.