Top 5 VPNs in 2020

The usefulness of VPNs is no longer in doubt. They allow you to access or download your favorite applications without restriction and especially by hiding your IP address. This means that your Internet browsing becomes truly private thanks to encryption. There are several on the market, which could give you a lot of choice. That’s why we propose you in this post 5 of the best VPN of the moment.


ExpressVPN is a fast and secure five-star application with high-level encryption. Its streaming is available in HD with extensions for Chrome and Firefox users. As soon as it is installed, you are entitled to an exceptional 24/7 live chat support program. You can use it anywhere in the world, for strictly personal use protected by the confidentiality rules of the system. Subscribe to enjoy the Internet anywhere, without restriction with unlimited access to sites and applications.


CyberGhost is also a very fast VPN that includes in its system Ad-blocker features and extensions for Chrome and Firefox. The software also has live chat support. This VPN offers you streaming, unlimited browsing, no geographical restrictions, no closing and no digital censorship. CyberGost also provides you security and anonymity online.


Surfshark is the easy option for new users of this type of software or application. It is a very simplified VPN, but as convenient as the others. It allows you to secure your digital use, to access without restriction all the content you want whatever your geographical location. Surfshark is a very affordable application with extensions for Chrome and Firefox. You will also have Live Chat support once you purchase the software.


Vyprvpn is a good speed VPN with an excellent NAT firewall for the security of its more than two million users worldwide. Aside from speed, it is accessible to all laptops and over 70 international server locations around the globe. This allows you to access all streaming services to follow your favorite shows and watch your favorite movies. 


HideMyAss is also one of the most complete VPNs. Because of its features, its extensive network of server locations, and its live chat helpdesk, it is among the most recommended applications. It leaves no trace of your activities, automatically protects your Wi-Fi and provides you with global coverage.

Now that you have an idea of the best VPNs of the moment, you can make a wise choice. If you have any questions, please feel free to share them with us as comments